Stan Mitchem for HD-62

Who is Stan?

Stan Mitchem

About Me:
My life has been filled with many different opportunities to interact with people in all walks of life and I have treasured those connections. I am a geologist at heart and have spent my career working with farmers, ranchers and multiple agencies to help utilize and protect our natural resources and water quality.

I met my wife, Karen while in college and we married right after graduation. We moved to Casper in 1986, and four years later we moved to where we live now, south of Glenrock. We raised our 2 daughters, Aneita and Diana, who now are married with families of their own.

We have lived here for over 3 decades and other than the really windy days, it is the best place we have ever lived! Wyoming is a unique state that offers all the good things in life that other places can only wish they had. We are a state of supreme beauty and natural resources that are unmatched. We also have some of the best people, filled with patriotism and a love of freedom. I am proud to say I am a Wyoming Citizen!

My Values:

  • Liberty – Every individual should be free to live his or her own life without undue or arbitrary government interference.
  • Religious Freedom – The ability to practice one’s faith is a vital right that must be retained.
  • Rule of Law – We are all equally protected by and equally subject to the law. Personal responsibility should not just be a goal but instead a way of life.
  • Self-Government – The power of the government must be exclusively vested in “We the People!” A government that ignores the will of the people quickly becomes a tyrannical government.
  • Invested in Wyoming- Our state thrives when there is hard work, dedication and freedom inspired leadership.

My Stands:

  • Protecting the Rights of the unborn means recognizing that life, from conception to natural death, is endowed by our Creator and should be held in the highest esteem.
  • When Wyoming takes federal resources, we open up our people to also accepting the strings that are attached. We must be diligent in what we accept.
  • Our 2nd Amendment Rights have never been just for hunting. We protect our citizens, our State and our freedoms by defending our right to keep and bear arms.
  • Wyoming has been blessed by abundant energy, minerals, water and wildlife resources. We should encourage responsible development of these assets that are the lifeblood of this state.
  • A lack of confidence in any election keeps our citizens from exercising their right to vote. We must ensure election integrity!