Stan Mitchem for HD-62


Jack Stewart, Rural Evansville, WY

My family has known the Mitchem family for over 25 years. We have much in common – our lifestyles, and beliefs. Stan is a strong Christian man who will uphold the traditional conservative values we hold dear and that are under attack every day here in America. The Right to Life, Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Right to Free Speech and Religion are chief among these. Stan is for smaller government and getting it out of the way of Americans exercising their rights and working to make a living. Stan believes, as we do, that government is not the solution, but the problem.


Walt Hill, Casper, WY

Stan Mitchem is the embodiment of integrity, character and strength. Throughout the years of our friendship, he has never failed to exhibit those qualities and it inspires me to be a better man. His decision to become a Representative restores my hope in our system and gives me great hope for Wyoming‘s future.


Chuck Gray, Casper, WY

Stan Mitchem is the best candidate for Wyoming House District 62. For as long as I have known him, he has proved to be a true conservative and will vote to reduce state spending and fight against government overreach. Stan will work to return confidence in our election process, and he is a strong First and Second Amendment supporter who will vote to strengthen Wyoming’s protections against the Federal government.


Kathy Patceg, Glenrock, WY

I have known Stan Mitchem for several years and have found him to be very community-oriented. He was a valuable member on the Glenrock Economic Development Board and currently serves as Chairman of the Converse County Conservation District. He would be a good candidate for House District 62.


Jack Wilson, Quezon City, Philippines

Hi, I’m Pastor Jack Wilson and I am 7,466 mi from you there in Glenrock.
I met Stan some years ago when he came to the Philippines for a mission trip.
He came to our mission for one day and gave out burgers to the poor kids.
There are some people you like from the start but you never know if you will ever see them again however, Stan had a heart for the kids here and he and Karen became supporters a long time ago and still are.
We don’t ask strangers to support us yet his heart was in it.
Stan believes as we do God, Country, freedom and he is not a fake.
He is a good man, God fearing, family loving.
Always check a persons reputation they won’t need to tell you, their friends and neighbors will.